Service and support departments are at the forefront of a company’s success.

When you introduce TECNOMATIC’S machinery in your plants you can rely on a careful and constant presence of our technical team. Our technicians are long-term experienced, they are skilled and able to deal with a wide range of requests in several languages.

To optimize and to improve the service quality and efficiency Tecnomatic works on customer relationship management system, or CRM, with unique and dedicated service and support features.
Customers can contact support through all channels: phone, email, online forms, chatting and social media. Once a customer reaches out, a “ticket” is created. This contains the customer details, the nature of the complaint, and suggestions to whom the ticket should go to.

A “workflow” organizes and automates the various steps toward resolution.  When the tickets is closed, the customer service software gathers all the information about the service experience, which will be used to boosts support quality for every future ticket.