Main technical features

  • Relay controls (it can operate as slave or master extruder.
  • High torque drive, suitable also for U-pvc.
  • Small air cooled AC motor.
  • 3 steps gearbox.
  • New design for intake zone with tempering channel system.
  • Heating cooling system with ceramic heaters and copper fins.
Ares Extruder for plastics, Tecnomatic

Ares Extruder

The multi purpose project.

ARES is a complete new designed multi-purpose extruder for a low investment rate. It is an ideal solution for low output pipe application, single wall corrugated pipes as well as co-extruder for multilayer pipe extrusion.

PE 100, PE 80 80-100 Kg/h 160-200 Kg/h
PP-R 60-90 Kg/h 120-180 Kg/h
PP-H 50-60 Kg/h 100-120 Kg/h
PS, ABS, ASA Styrene polymers 70-130 Kg/h 140-260 Kg/h
U-PVC 80-110 Kg/h 160-220 Kg/h
P-PVC 70-90 Kg/h 140-180 Kg/h
PA 6-11-12 50-60 Kg/h 100-120 Kg/h

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