Pipe Extrusion Lines.

Technology innovation
is at the heart of our projects.

Located in Bergamo, in the heartland of the Lombardy region (Italy), Tecnomatic offers machines and turnkey projects for the plastic pipe industry. Since 1977, a continuously evolving company able to grow in line with the market changes and to consolidate its name on the main worldwide market for manufacturing of technology. Identifying the customer needs, analysing the feasibility of the project, defining the sale offer and verifying the production costs are the starting point. Passion, technology and employees’ qualities the means to conceive the ideal solutions with an appropriate balance between design, innovation and production needs.

All our models are inspired by passion for extrusion and technology, which produce a wide range of extruders designed to fulfil the requirements of the pipe manufacturer.

Renowned as a leading pipe head manufacturer for Polyolefin and PVC pipes, We offers a new pipe heads generation characterized by different solutions.

The performance of an extrusion line, gains advantages from the suitable design of tanks and calibrators. Years of experience makes of the tanks a reliable tool.

Pipe Extrusion Lines, Tecnomatic

For traditional production lines for PVC, PE, PP (mono or multilayer), or special custom made solutions, Tecnomatic provides a specialized project management unit.

Pipe Extrusion Lines, Tecnomatic

and Energy Efficiency



  • Large bore pipes up to 3000 mm
  • Water & gas high-pressure pipes
  • Pipes for conduits and mining
  • Corrugated pipes for cable conduits, drainage and sewage
  • Telecommunication and micro-duct pipes
  • Multi-layers or steel pipes coating


  • Irrigation and agriculture pipes


  • Hot & cold water sanitary pipes
  • Corrugated drainage and sewage pipes
  • Large diameters pipes for chemical industries


  • Mono or multi layers pipes with oxygen barrier (EVOH) and aluminium for hot water application


  • Pressure and non-pressure application
  • Gardening, wire reinforced, food & beverage, marine hoses


  • Technical polymers pipes and hoses
A Global Company

Tecnomatic addresses its production to pipe manufacturers worldwide and for many applications

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Pipe Extrusion Lines, Tecnomatic

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