Extrusion Die-Heads

A state of the art design for plastic pipe manufacturing.

extrusion die-heads for plastics, Tecnomatic

“Technological innovation is at the heart of our projects”.

Renowned as a leading pipe head manufacturer for Polyolefin and PVC pipes, Tecnomatic offers a brand new pipe heads generation characterized by three different design solutions. VENUS, based on a helical spiral design for monolayer and multilayer pipes from 5 mm up to 2.600 mm. ATHENA, a cutting-edge technology made of radial spiral modules for multilayer pipes (up to 7 layers) for hot water application and specific product requirements. JUNO, the hybrid system (helical + radial) for the extrusion of medium and large multilayer (up to 5 layers) district heating pipes, with oxygen barrier requirement.

Along with the production of PO pipe heads Tecnomatic offers the series HERA to accomplish the requirement of the PVC pipe manufacturer. Part of the history and core business for many years, the HERA PVC die-heads, are designed up to a size of 1.200 mm diameter, and successfully sold all over world.

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