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RTP Extrusion Line Tecnomatic

RTP Extrusion Line

The pipes and the lines of the future.

Plastic pipes systems have been used very successfully for gas distribution and pressure up to about 10 bar, solving the corrosion and reliability issues of steel and ductile iron systems. Significant increase in pressure rating can be obtained by the development of multilayer and composite pipe constructions, to satisfy specific application requirements. Reinforce Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP) pipes have great potential to do this by meeting requirements for medium and even high-pressure transmission lines.The use of glass fibre, aramid tapes, Kevlar and even stainless steel chord reinforcement result in substantial advantages for the handling of corrosive fluids, for transport of oil & gas from deep sea fields and for the gas distribution system, replacing the use of steel pipes into the indoor and high pressure gas application up to 40 bar. Products are individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of the application and the production lines are designed in accordance to the number of layers and wrapping process; for different reinforcing materials or angles, selected in order to withstand internal or external pressure or longitudinal stress.

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