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PE Microduct Extrusion Line Tecnomatic

PE Microduct Extrusion Line

Turnkey solutions for micro-duct and electrical industry pipes.

Advances in cable technologies, as well as the expense of repairing sensitive cable materials like fiber optic cable, have driven preferences for protective conduit instead of direct burial. PE conduit serves two primary industries: communications (telephone, CATV, data transmission) and electrical (power transmission). In the communications industry, the advent of fiber optic cable has had a tremendous impact due to its significantly higher data-carrying capacity, particularly due to the explosion of the Internet. In telecommunications service (phone, data transmission), fiber optic cable is used, along with traditional copper cable. In cable television service (CATV), fiber optic is also growing rapidly in addition to (or replacing) coaxial cable. This progression toward fiber optic cable has made the need for protection more critical, since these materials are highly sensitive to moisture and mechanical stress. High-speed extrusion lines for the production of micro-duct pipes are designed at Tecnomatic to reach the most efficient production with precision control of the size, of the layers, and weight. An accurate manufacturing and selection of electronic and mechanical parts ensure a maximum automation and production at the best speed rate available. To group the micro-ducts in bundles, used in network application, a turn-key solution starting from the unwinding units to special coilers for drums can be offered, or engineered according to specific requirements.

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