Your benefits at a glance

  • Flexibility and modularity of the lines.
  • Special screw and tools development for specific materials.
  • Enhanced performance.
  • Die-heads with radial or helical spiral.
PEX PE-RT PB PA ABS Extrusion Line Tecnomatic

PEX PE-RT PB PA ABS Extrusion Line

Lines for heating & plumbing pipes and technical tubes.

Plastic pipe systems for heating and plumbing are available in a wide variety of materials. Crosslinked Polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PE-X is the most popular material for hot and cold water application. The success of this material is mainly related to its elevated temperature capabilities (up to 80°c), improved flexibility while resisting tensile deformation, resistance to abrasion and toughness. Heating pipes may come in multilayer solution, up to five, with EVOH oxygen barrier for protection from physical, chemical and UV damage or in Polybutylene (PB) and PE-RT materials. For this application Tecnomatic has specifically developed high speed lines based on the innovative die-heads Athena, made of radial spiral modules, which have great advantages: do not have any dead zones or edges where material could stop and grant an easy cleaning and rapid assembling/disassembling operation. Besides the manufacturing of heating plumbing system, the gained experience in small thermoplastic tubes has allowed the developments of tailor made solution for the market of technical tubes in PA, ABS, PU, PTFE for the industrial applications.

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