Your benefits at a glance

  • Optimal energy consumption.
  • Excellent relation investment/performance.
  • Improved and constant specific output.
  • Noise Level < 74 dB.
  • Max back pressure at 500 bar.
  • Maintenance free (no oil, no filters).
  • Maximum output at 1700kg/h.
Zephyr extruder for plastics, Tecnomatic

Zephyr Extruder

The most performing extruders of the range product.

The new extruder series in L/D 40 boasts an array of advanced technical solutions which make them unique models designed for pipe producers looking for even more focused energy saving machines, offering extreme output performance at lower melt temperatures. The innovation spans the entire series and includes new spiral grooved bush, screw and motors.

Screw length L/D/td> 40 40 40 40
Output PE (max) Kg/h 500 800 1200 1700
Output PP (max) Kg/h 400 650 900 1300
Motor Torque* Torque* Water-cooled Water-cooled
Gearbox No No Two steps** Two steps**
Heating zones 5 5 5 5


* Zephyr 45 & 60 are available also in traditional gearbox version
** With Z shape

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