Your benefits at a glance

  • Lower investment in terms of €/Kg throughput of the pipe head.
  • Smooth flowing to keep the material properties unchanged.
  • Short die-set and segmented mandrels allow an easy and quick die-sets change,
    reducing the line downtime.
  • Even wall thickness distribution for lower overweight of pipe and raw material saving.
  • Pipe Air Cooling (PAC) system to short the cooling and to improve the pipe quality.
Venus Monolayer Extrusion Die-Head for plastics, Tecnomatic

Venus Monolayer Extrusion Die-Head

Expression of skill and experience as die-head designer.

The VENUS design is based on a long time experience in developing, producing and selling die-heads for polyolefin materials. Conceived for conventional and standard pipes, the Venus concept is also available for the production of micro ducts, in range 3 to 16 mm, and up to 800 mm in a cross version, for the coating of steel, plastic, composite, corrugated and umbilical pipes.

Dimension range 16-160 16-400 50-630 355-1200 500-1600 1400-3000
Throughput PE Kg/h 500 800 1200 1500 2000 3000
Throughput PP Kg/h 400 600 1000 1200 1400 2000
Segmented mandrel From Ø 75mm From Ø 75mm From Ø 75mm Yes Yes Yes
Pipe Air Cooling (PAC) No From Ø 140mm From Ø 140mm Yes Yes Yes
Spiral heating Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mandrel heating For PE-RT & PP From Ø 140mm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Heating & cooling (HCS) No No From Ø 140mm Yes Yes Yes
Mandrel cooling (HCS) No No From Ø 250mm Yes Yes Yes

Pipe Air Cooling (Pac)

An efficient system to reduce cooling length and to improve pipe quality. Extrusion lines for pipes got longer due to higher extruders output. The PAC system helps to reduce the length of the production lines thanks to its high efficiency in the internal pipe cooling. The Pipe Air Cooling allows a uniform cooling, 360° round and across its thick wall, improving the pipe quality itself.

External layer coex-unit

A radial spiral technology for external layer application. The Venus coex-unit is a radial distribution ring system to produce a coextruded external layer out of PE, PE 100 RC, PP, PP foamed or any other special material. The outer layer thickness depends on the output ratio between the co-extruder and the main extruder, up to a max of 50% of total wall thickness.

Однослойные Экструзионные Головки Venus, Tecnomatic

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