Tecnomatic has joined and it is an active partner of some associations, which gather and promote the know-how of the Italian companies worldwide.


Founded in 1960 as ASSOCOMAPLAST and changing its name in 2017, AMAPLAST (Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and moulds manufacturers’ Association) is a non-profit association representing 170 major Italian companies in the plastics and rubber machinery, ancillary equipment and moulds industry. AMAPLAST’s main aim is to promote worldwide knowledge and circulation of Italian plastics and rubber processing technologies, which lead the world market in terms of production and export. Since the early 1950s, Italian manufacturers have offered a complete range of original, reliable and innovative machines. AMAPLAST takes part in the main exhibitions abroad with an information booth to help visitors get in touch with Italian companies.



Confindustria Bergamo is an association of legitimate interests. In order for these interests to be adequately represented, constant investments are needed in strengthening the values ​​that inspire associative life, in applying the code of ethics, in promoting a corporate culture appropriate to constantly evolving scenarios. We recognize the importance of a correct positioning of the image, both towards the outside and the inside, and we attribute a crucial role to the interaction with the social and extra-economic fabric of the territory. Nonetheless, as a collective entity, it claims in its mission a role of protection and promotion of associated companies towards institutions, public administrations, economic, political, trade union and social organizations. Furthermore, it aims to act as a promoter of local development, collaborating with all the other players in the area and bringing its specific expertise. Promoting participatory and democratic management of associative life, promoting the involvement of entrepreneurs according to their different needs and characteristics are very important objectives of Confindustria, too. The aim is to provide a range of basic services, provided with efficiency and professionalism criteria, with the search for added value for those who benefit from them in terms of personalization, flexibility and interdisciplinarity. It is also considered essential to develop fabric services to condition the competitive and territorial context in which companies operate and which incorporate increasing shares of associative identity and representation towards institutions.