Your benefits at a glance

  • No gearbox losses
  • Gearbox maintenance no longer necessary
  • Direct drive technology
  • Less installation space required due to high integrated design approach
  • Inreased cost-efficiency due to improvement in overall economic and ecological benefits.
  • Noise level < 74 Db.
  • Excellent rotational accuracy
  • High dynamic response (short rise times)
Extrusora Zeus para plásticos, Tecnomatic

Zeus Extruder

Ushers in a whole new generation of extruders.

ZEUS is the Tecnomatic’s innovative concept which introduces in the pipe extrusion’s market a gearless version, able to deliver unprecedented energy saving and unparalleled performance. The omission of gearbox, coupling and belts leads to a more compact engineering design of the machine and considerably reduces the maintenance requirement.

Screw length L/D 37 37 37
Output PE (max) Kg/h 350 550 950
Output PP (max) Kg/h 220 400 550
Gearbox No No No
Healting zones 5 5 5

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