Bergamo and surroundings

Bergamo is the main city of the like-named province. It is divided into two sections, a lower part and an upper part. The urban plan is in fact on two levels, the modern and dynamic “Città bassa” or lower city, and the famous “Città Alta” or “upper city”, which comprises the original centre and the artistic heart of Bergamo. The Bergamo area offers a wide range of attractions linked to the specific beauty of its surroundings: there are a lot of truly exceptional landscapes, and some important bathing resorts on the lakes in the vicinity.

Interesting places to visit in the Città Alta include, by way of example, Piazza Vecchia, Palazzo della Ragione, and Piazzetta del Duomo just behind, with its important monuments that include the Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the civic tower, and the Civic Library.

A walk along the walls of the Città Alta is a highly evocative experience, and likewise the enchanting excursions in the unique natural setting offered by the Bergamo Hills regional park.

Bergamo, at the centre of Lombardy and about 35 km from Milan, can be reached by air, train, or by car using the A4 motorway. The airport is just 5 km from the city centre. Every ten minutes, a bus runs to the lower station of the funicular railway, which provides a convenient method of reaching the spectacular Bergamo Alta.