When it comes to extrusion systems, no part is more critical to productivity and product quality than the extruder plasticizing group. Recognizing this, Tecnomatic at K-show 2022 has unveiled its latest innovation in extruder technology—the EVO version of the extruders in L/D 37 and 40.

The EVO version represents a significant leap forward in Tecnomatic’s extruder design, incorporating a completely redesigned screw geometry and a newly engineered spiral feed-bush. Building upon by a new project of research and development, this evolution aims to enhance plasticization, improve homogeneity, and maximize energy efficiency, while maintaining the exceptional performance that Tecnomatic extruders are renowned for.

The key highlight of the EVO version lies in its screw design. The geometry of the screw has been meticulously reimagined, leveraging advanced engineering techniques and cutting-edge materials to optimize plasticizing capabilities. This enhanced plasticization leads to superior melt quality, resulting in extruded products of excellent quality.

Furthermore, the newly designed spiral feed-bush significantly augments the extruder’s performance. It ensures a consistent and uniform feeding process, by precisely controlling the flow of materials into the screw. This not only improves the homogeneity of the final product but also minimizes variations in output, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing waste.

One of the key objectives of the EVO version is energy savings. Tecnomatic understands the importance of sustainability in today’s world and has integrated energy-efficient features into the new series. The redesigned plasticizing group minimizes energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs and a reduced environmental footprint. With the EVO version, Tecnomatic is actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable extrusion industry.

Mr. Massimiliano Vailati, Sales Director at Tecnomatic, said “It is worth noting that while the EVO version represents a significant advancement, Tecnomatic has ensured that it maintains the exceptional performance levels the market has come to expect. By combining state-of-the-art design with its extensive expertise, Tecnomatic has created an extruder that outperforms its predecessors”.