Your benefits at a glance

  • Dimensional change without die set changes.
  • Increased capacity due to the absence of setup time or start-up time.
  • Reduced scrap during start-up.
  • Automated change of dimensions within the setting range.
  • Greater degree of flexibility resulting from a more easy production program.
  • Reduced working capital in the storage area.
  • Increase in efficiency.
PE Extrusion Line, Tecnomatic

PE Extrusion Line

Fast dimensional change lines.

The automation of dimensional changes belongs to the challenges in pipe extrusion. If this challenge is successfully met, the highest return is promised which goes side by side with a maximum flexibility and an excellent profitability. The production of medium or large-size pipes requires maximum outputs and a maximum line flexibility to meet today‘s demands on short delivery times. The technical solution for this challenge lies in the reduction of start-up scrap. Furthermore, line conversion and start-up after dimensional changes are potential sources for savings. ADVANTAGE systems are able to change pipe dimensions within minutes at the push of a button. The line is neither stopped nor converted and dimensioned accessories are no longer needed. Thus, efficiently increases output capacities and line flexibility. It substantially contributes to an extrusion line‘s economic efficiency. During a dynamic change of dimensions, all component parts related to the dimensional adaptation such as the vacuum tank, the calibration sleeve, the pipe support and the sealing are flexibly and automatically adjusted. Adaptation is based on set values which have to be entered into the control unit.

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