• HDPE pipe line for optical fiber

The polypropylene pipe has excellent chemical and abrasion resistance properties making it ideal for a range of application as hot & cold water, waste & drainage and industrial for transporting aggressive media. The competence and experience of Tecnomatic extend to this entire sector and cover the production of PP-R, PP-RCT monolayer pipes, with glass reinforcement (to bring additional benefits), or up to seven layers with innovative protection properties.

The growing market of PP waste & soil pipes has also seen the company very active with the design of high output lines, especially as multilayer solution with mineral fillers. The top and bottom layers of these pipes are made of polypropylene and middle layer made of mineral filler polypropylene compounds which guarantees high mechanical resistance, excellent acoustic  performance and resistance to the agents.  

Your benefits at a glance

  •  High production speed.
  • Special solution for PP with glass-fibre.
  • Optimal energy consumption.
  • High grade of automation.
  • Even wall thickness distribution for lower overweight of pipe and raw material saving.
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio.