Located in Bergamo, in the heartland of the Lombardy region (Italy), Tecnomatic offers machines and turn-key projects for the plastic pipe industry. Since 1977 a continuously evolving company able to grow in line with the market changes and to consolidate its name in the main worldwide market of technology manufacturing. Identifying the customer needs, analysing the feasibility of the project, defining the sale offer and verifying the production costs are the starting point. Passion, technology and employees’ qualities the means to conceive the ideal solutions with an appropriate balance between design, innovation and production needs. 



In 1977, Mr. Camillo Lupi founded TECNOMATIC in Bergamo (Italy). At the beginning it was a company working in the field of mechanical precision, more specifically in the construction of machines and plants on behalf of third parties. 

Started as a company in the mechanical sector, it became a producer of PVC pipe heads at the beginning of the 80's. The efficient performance of the manufactured tools contributed significantly to spread the word throughout the plastic industry. Tecnomatic came in contact with well established companies, and it was commisioned to make extrusion heads for some Italian extruder manufacturers.
In the same decade also the production of extrusion heads for PO materials began, and having in the meantime set up a small technical office, the production of small co-extruders and tanks was set alongside.
One of the most prestigious results attained during these years was the manufacture of a large size extrusion head (up to 1,200 mm), the largest one of the time and for many coming years.
The increasing of the market demand and the business expansion prompted the company to create a sales office to coordinate the work towards the international markets. At the end of the eighties, the company generated about 40% of the revenues from export.

In 1992, the business expansion meant also to move to new premises, located close to the International Airport of Bergamo "Il Caravaggio", where the company is still today. 
Moving to a new factory to further consolidate the corporate business, the decision to extend the production range was taken, including the design and manufacturing of single screw extruders.
In the beginning of 1999, the factory size was further extended with the opening of a new building adjacent to the main premises, and suited to testing, warehouse and show room area. Since then, the machines are subjected to operating tests prior to delivery, and to the customers is given the opportunity to be present while systems are operating.

The first decade of the new century has been characterised by steady investment in R&D, in order to raise the company to be a major player in the field of the machines and lines for plastic pipes. One of the main objectives of those years has been the design of a new line of high performance extruders in L/D 30, characterised by the latest technological solution of the time. The result of the improved quality and performance of the machines, had its reflection in Tecnomatic's sales, with an increased export to all major world markets, and about 90% of the production destined to over than 100 countries. The sales department has been re-organized and a network of representatives and agents was established meanwhile, in order to fullfil the customers needs and for support and service purposes. 

Between the end and the beginning of the new decade, Tecnomatic has further renewed its products portfolio and has introduced a new series of extruders in L/D 37, which has been designed not only in a traditional version with gearbox, but also in a brand new gearless solution, able to improve the energy performance. A further step to raise the quality standards has been the design of a new range of die-heads, named Venus. The goal of this new generation of die-heads, designed by the Tecnomatic technical department in a couple of years, was to enhance the die-heads performance, while reducing the size with a more compact spiral geometry, decreasing the pressure build-up and introducing systems like the air cooling, to diminish the cooling requirements of the pipe production lines. This range of die-head, has also been designed in a version for multilayer pipes, and for sizes up to 2,600 mm. Only a few years have passed from the introduction to the market of the extruder Vega in 37 L/D, that a new improvement has been carried out with the launch of the Zephyr serie. The Zephyr features a new L/D ratio in 40 L/D, granting improved performance while reducing the working temperature of the melt and energy requirements. In the meantime, the increasing market of complex pipes able to enhance the resistance and properties through the combination of different materials, has pushed the company to develop new die-heads based on a radial spiral technology and for solutions up to seven layers. The continuous technology evolution is further witnessed by the level reached by the company with a significant number of installation throughout the continents and with several of the most recognized market leaders. 

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